Bowling lanes at Gravity Wandsworth

Gravity Wandsworth Ignites With AR Spark Lanes

Spark is the first immersive, interactive scoring experience. The innovators at Brunswick Bowling developed Spark augmented reality bowling to revolutionise the casual bowling experience by utilising the very latest technology.

Customers use the Sync tablet to select from more than 15 animation themes, customise their game and project their own photo onto the lane. The exclusive Heads-Up Display projects scores and stats about your game directly onto the lanes.

We are therefore, very excited to have installed 14 Spark lanes at the brand-new Gravity Entertainment Centre in the Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth, London. The 100,000 sq ft site, is fast becoming known as the department store of fun, having formerly been the site of Debenhams.

Alongside our exquisite state-of-the-art bowling lanes, you’ll find the UKs most powerful go-karts with a multi-level track boasting 8-meter downhills; augmented reality darts for multi-player games; urban street golf with a New York city vibe; Electric Gamebox where you’ll feel like you’re playing from inside the video game; shuffleboards; E-Sports gaming arena; and a Funbox arcade.

Clearly if you’re going to be having this much fun you need to keep well refreshed and Gravity Wandsworth have stacked up their venue to cater for their thousands of daily visitors. There are three bars and two restaurants – one a Japanese Noodle Bar and the other serving American classics including burgers, hotdogs, wings and fries, plus a great plant-based menu.

What makes Spark so special?

  1. Encourages socialising – Spark facilitates fast paced, interactive bowling through mesmerizing graphics and games.
  2. Hi-tech – today’s consumers are tech-savvy who expect to utilise technology to enhance their leisure experiences.
  3. Stunning visual – Spark partners with TouchMagixTM projection to bring the lanes to life creating mass appeal.
  4. Quality gaming – maximised engagement through games which shake up the traditional game of bowling and increase accessibility to bowlers of all ages.
  5. Drives revenue – with Spark there are multiple reasons for guests to coming back again to try out the ever-expanding library of interactive games.

If you’re considering getting Spark for your venue we highly recommend a visit to the Gravity Entertainment Centre in Wandsworth and see these beauties in action.

You can also check out when You Tube sensations, Sidemen, visited Gravity Wandsworth and had a play on our new lanes.

If you’d like to talk to us about Spark for your site then please get in touch:

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