Competitive Socialising in Sync

Competitive Socialising is, at its heart, fusing activities such as bowling, smart darts, mini golf, pool and various other activities alongside a high end F&B experience (food and beverages). Competitive socialising isn’t in itself an intrinsically new concept, but in recent times it has been through a re-interpretation and this has stimulated enormous growth and opportunity across the UK.

What is Brunswick Sync? 

Sync is unique in being able to both control and manage all activities within a competitive socialising environment, as well as providing a market leading F&B ePoS solution. The deep integration with our flexible online booking system provides a seamless customer journey which creates an outstanding experience. 

Duckpin Social

This small footprint take on a traditional game provides an unbelievable return on investment.

Developed by Brunswick, Duckpin Social has become a phenomenal success for competitive socialising venues. The addictive game play delivers an extremely entertaining activity.

Augmented Reality Darts

Mesmerising projections over a real board creates an extremely addictive twist on the game of darts. Taking the darts bar hospitality trend into it’s next generation of technology, Augmented Darts delivers entertainment to both family entertainment centres and competitive socialising venues.

Interactive Darts

The darts bar phenomenon is a trend that really hits the target. Starting in London less than a decade ago, this category of competitive socialising venue is now taking aim on towns and cities across the UK. Utilising a real dart board with real darts the scoring tablet and screen take the game to new audiences.

Interactive Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is the fastest growing pub game that has become known and loved by the British public. When you add a computerised tracking system and state of the art scoring environment and gameplay is taken up a level, without the need to learn complicated rules.