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Shoe Sanitiser

Sani Spray 501 has been used in leisure and retail since 2007.

High Strength Formula

Our formula consists of 90% alcohol at point of spray. This combines with a broad-spectrum bacterial agent, anti-fungal agent and citrus fragrance to create long lasting freshness and sanitisation. The fine spray atomiser reduces unnecessary fluid and encourages quick evaporation to support a fast turnover of rental shoes.  

Multi usage surface cleaning

The sanitiser spray is also suitable for antibacterial cleaning of hard surfaces, including bowling balls. Paired with our straw and button our sanitiser spray can reach the bottom of finger holes and other hard to reach areas. The large 500ml can is long lasting for professional use.

Effective against enveloped viruses

Sani Spray 501 is lab tested to BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019. Our non-staining formula is suitable for most footwear which is why it is used by many leading retailers. During the coronavirus pandemic it was featured on the BBC news as part of the JD Sports Covid19 safety measures for their customers.

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