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Boost ST Stringpin

The Brunswick Boost Sport Technologies (ST) string pinsetter combines advanced sport technologies for better performance, safety, operational efficiency and superior bowler experience. Different by design the USBC-certified Boost ST is the only cloud-enabled string pinsetter which is built to last and to adapt as business needs change.


The adaptability of Boost ST partnered with its durability and the future-forward engineering of The Brunswick Cloud and 360 Controller provide you with a pinsetter solution designed with the longevity of your business in mind.


The Boost ST string pinsetter is extremely versatile. The “strings” used to control the pins aren’t really strings. Made from heavy-duty black nylon cord, the “strings” blend in with the background, making them practically invisible.

The string length can be varied to suit certification preference, at no additional cost, and can even be  configured to the specific requirements of your centre.

The smaller footprint makes it easier to replace old and worn machines without tearing out the entire space. The Boost ST is lightweight – weighing 25% less than traditional pinsetters.

Easy, economical & efficient

Every aspect of the Boost ST pinsetter makes it easy to operate and maintain. Cleaning is simple and the machine’s compact design allows easy access to maintenance areas. The fully guarded machine and locking ball door makes the Boost ST the safest machine on the market. All adjustments are made at the rear of the machine whilst a moveable curtain provides improved access and optimal safety when replacing pins.

The Pronto operations app provides your staff with real-time pinsetter operational alerts and troubleshooting for fast problem resolution, massively reducing potential downtime.

The Boost ST pinsetter is very economical compared to traditional pinsetters. Boost requires 80% fewer parts and adjustments, eliminating the need for a specialised mechanic and reducing labour costs.

The efficiency of the Boost ST pinsetter can’t be beaten, operating with a commercial grade 3-phase motor per machine, which runs only as required. Proven to be 72% more energy efficient than the leading free fall pinsetter with an energy consumption of just 0.33 Kwhr.

360 Controller

Brunswick’s exclusive 360 Controller is the most innovative pinsetter software platform in the bowling industry. Leveraging the Brunswick Cloud, the 360 Controller’s powerful yet flexible software allows proprietors to enjoy endless updates in functionality and features without the need to replace hardware. The Controller seamlessly updates performance features (such as detangling), user interface improvements and other functionality, evolving to support this leading technology well into the future.

The easy-to-learn touchscreen, with simple menus and modes make operation and maintenance easy. Located on the rear of the machine, the modular design means that components can be quickly replaced in situ by centre staff.

The 360 Controller offers enhanced error reporting, diagnostics and troubleshooting. Staff can efficiently set pin combinations on-demand and fully customize the machine’s settings to the centre’s preferences. 

Pronto Centre Operations App

The Pronto operations app provides your staff with real-time pinsetter operational alerts and troubleshooting, saving time and ensuring optimal performance from your pinsetter. Cloud-based data tracking allows access to critical performance reporting from anywhere.

Pronto simplifies and streamlines pinsetter maintenance with easy-to-understand error messages and integrated troubleshooting guides for Brunswick pinsetters. When used in combination with the user-friendly 360 Controller Pronto makes machine maintenance and troubleshooting incredibly easy.

Centre staff can identify and resolve mechanical problems more quickly, resulting in more uptime and increased customer satisfaction. Owners can manage machine performance by reviewing simple to understand metrics, detailed error reports and more.

Superb Casual Bowler Experience

For the casual bowler their primary concern is the overall experience: machine uptime, centre environment, quality of the food and drink and other activities which work together to extend their stay.

The Boost ST is your best opportunity to offer a superior bowling experience with the most reliable pinsetter available.  The realistic pin action and consistent scoring provides a quality experience for all your guests, whilst the USBC-certified, commercial-grade design and construction leads to a more authentic bowling experience. 

Boost integrates seamlessly with the Sync scoring and centre management system including the on-demand pinsetting which lets bowlers enjoy games that require unique pin arrangements.

Satisfied League Bowling

String pin bowling has long been unpopular with league bowlers. The toy-like experience and scoring inconsistencies are just a few of the issues which have been eliminated by the Boost ST string pinsetter, which has been designed to respond to USBC requirements and league bowler feedback.

Boost ST has USBC-compliant thick kickbacks, ball cushion and dimensions for a traditional bowling experience and the 54″ long strings giving a close-to-realistic free fall reaction. In addition, the on-demand feature allows for the selection of specific pin formations, perfect for practice sessions.