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If you’re looking to get into tenpin bowling – you’ve chosen a great time to do it. The industry is going through a period of extensive change, opening up to operators from a wide range of backgrounds. Bowling Vision are the supplier of choice for anyone entering the business – no-one else can offer such a comprehensive support package to help make your dream a reality. After helping you to get your plans in place we’ll be there on the opening day of your centre, and with you every step of the way.

Concept Development

Looking to create a unique boutique concept with an experiential food & beverage focus? Aiming to open the best multi activity entertainment centre in town? Or just looking to create a tenpin bowling centre in the best possible way? We will work with you to finesse your vision into an achievable, solidly planned concept. If you need professional pitch decks, investor packs or any other media, we’ve got you covered there too.

The marketing of a successful tenpin bowling business is driven by far more than just the look of the logo or website. The modern consumer demands high quality service, appearance and product throughout every area of contact with the business, with failings at any point proving very costly. Bowling Vision are proud to work with carefully chosen creative partners to provide an impactful and professional brand image for your concept.

Business Planning

Once you’ve got the idea in place, you need to create a killer business plan. Using real industry models, we will work to calculate precise and fully justified financial forecasts, a project plan, and extensive operating procedures. These will provide a road-map to your first site while keeping investors confident of a successful conclusion. Our business specialists have experience on both sides of the coin – helping operators seeking funding, and investors making decisions on whether to support new business – so are uniquely placed to offer vauable advice.

Project Planning

Building from scratch, or even refurbishing, a new leisure venue is an immensely complex task, made all the more so by the requirement for many operators to continue to manage the rest of their estate while attempting it. In order to give each project the best possible chance of success, we will work with you every step of the way – whether you require daily support or simply extra resourcing in specific areas.

It is essential to choose the right mix of activities and food & beverage space for your centre. Once chosen you need to make sure that all works are completed with operational efficiencies properly considered. We will work with the architect, interior designer and principal contractor, throughout the project to ensure that the ultimate goal of a smoothly running, profitable centre is the end result.

Operational Systems

The success of any centre relies on a committed and efficient staff team, delivering a great service while exhibiting control over the operation at all times. In order to achieve this, carefully crafted operational systems are required throughout the business. We can draw upon years of relevant experience to provide proven systems, perfect for driving profitability.


Food & Beverage

When designing a F&B concept for a bowling centre, it is essential to ensure that the offering is attractive enough to the consumer to generate good sales, while being structured in a way that it can be produced effectively by the staff team to generate the required profitability every time. This can often be a difficult balancing act, however, the Bowling Vision support team’s extensive experience in operations and development makes us perfectly placed to assist.

Food and beverage offerings have sometimes been treated as afterthoughts in the bowling world – however, this is changing rapidly, there are excellent food and drinks concepts out there which really add to a centre. Bowling Vision are dedicated to creating F&B concepts which keep customers coming back, while returning the greatest possible profit. In addition to a top-class menu development service, we analyse operating practices before carrying out the required training to ensure wastage is minimised, while product quality is maximised.

Profitability Optimisation

For centres that are already operating, Bowling Vision offer an extensive range of support services designed to unlock the profit in your business. Working with experienced consultants with backgrounds in leisure and hospitality we deliver clear, actionable guidance which will lead to measurable success.

Our core consultancy service is a top-level business review. One of our experienced team will spend time at your centre, observing operations, before carrying out an open book session with your team examining the businesses financial performance. From this, an initial report will be generated, containing a series of achievable real world recommendations to improve your profitability.

Yield Management

Crucial to tenpin bowling profitability is the proper management of your activity resources – not just the lanes, but the bar and diner tables, games machines, soft play facilities and everything else under the venue’s roof. Our yield management consultancy will consider resource saturation, pricing, staff up-selling, web booking flow, customer journey and more to create a framework of improvement. Uniquely, we can also offer on-site trainers to work alongside your team to produce quick results.