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Brunswick is the only full line bowling equipment supplier, supplying the lanes, the conditioner, the balls and accessories.

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Brunswick are the official capital equipment and lane maintenance suppliers to the PBA.

Boost ST String Pinsetter

The Brunswick Boost Sports Technology (ST) string pinsetter is USBC-compliant, delivering an authentic, traditional bowling experience.

Getting a close-to-realistic free fall reaction the Boost ST has 54″ strings on all pins. As well as being a safe, reliable and economical solution for commercial operating centres, the Boost ST pinsetter is USBC compliant with its 3″ kickbacks exceeding USBC requirements), ball cushions and dimensions. The locking ball door provides increased safety and higher performance.

The detangling technology, even on longer strings, has an impressively high Frames per Tangle stop rate. Our Boost ST pinsetter comes with a three year warranty.


Nothing else looks like a Brunswick lane with our patented alternating light/dark board design, every fifth board outlined. The patented down-lane markings help bowlers develop precise breakpoints and improve scores.

The Brunswick Pro Lane system delivers a lifetime warranty against de-lamination with rugged 11 mm thick panels.

Max Lane Machine

The new leader in lane machine technology features Brunswick’s Direct+ Conditioning system. Built to deliver superior performance, reliability, and consistency, MAX is very easy and intuitive to operate. MAX is designed to make lane care easy, reliable, and customised for the needs of bowling centres across the world.


Instrumental in Brunswick’s prolific success at delivering market leading balls & conditioners is Throbot. The robotic arm delivers balls consistently providing the data needed to develop cutting edge proprietary formulas.

Conditioner, cleaner & cloth

Brunswick’s full line of lane conditioners, cleaners and cloth are developed to meet the needs of bowlers and bowling centres. No two locations are the same with varying lane surfaces, environmental conditions and business objectives. No matter what, Brunswick has a lane maintenance solution for you.


To improve pin carry, Brunswick engineers needed to increase the coefficient of restitution of the ball. DynamiCore’s matrix is better blended and better bonded together. This provides more rigidity of the outer core material – producing more kinetic energy.

DOT Technology

Brunswick’s patent-pending Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) represents a revolutionary change in the way bowling balls are manufactured. Developed by Brunswick engineers with one goal in mind – to significantly reduce cracking in performance bowling balls.

Leagues in Sync

Display real-time, player-specific data including ball speed, max score potential, and frame-by-frame history of pins made/missed by each bowler, while tracking bowlers and teams on any lane.

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Legends of the crown.

The Brunswick president was instrumental in establishing the American Bowling Congress in 1895. They standardised the game you know today. Since then there has been a steady line of influential visionaries driving the technology forward.