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Interactive Darts

Leading the way in the evolution of casual darts, the interactive board utilises revolutionary technology to deliver a competitive socialising concept with mass appeal.

The Interactive Darts system offers groups of players the opportunity to play in teams as they compete for glory in a wide range of interactive darts-based games. The cutting-edge system can manage the whole experience, from booking and scoring through to customers calling for table service.

The system can be fully customised to carry your venue’s branding. Be sure to check out our augmented reality darts also.

User experience

The Smarts Darts lane is equipped with an authentic Unicorn board (the same standard as those used in professional events), a wall-mounted screen which leads players through the games, displays scores and prompts players when it’s their turn, and a touchscreen user interface.

The easy-to-use touchscreen interface allows players to enter their names, take and add selfies, pick their teams, choose their games, view the food and drinks menus and even signal for a waiter.

Once the game commences the wall mounted screen identifies who should be playing and where on the board they need to be aiming for.  All you have to do is throw. The system instantly detects where the dart has landed and this is animated onto the screen using video-game style graphics.


There are a range of games which cater for all levels of skills with three difficulty ratings available: easy, medium and hard. Most games are available at all three levels.

Although some of the games are loosely based around a traditional game of darts the majority of them are playful twists which involve using your throw to build up the highest score or using your throw to be the first to zero. However, the most popular game is Killer – where skilled throwing is rewarded with the opportunity to defeat and destroy your opponents – nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get the blood pumping.