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Interactive Darts Installation

Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of traditional darts and cutting-edge technology with our interactive darts installation. If you are looking to upgrade your venue or games room and provide your guests with an unparalleled gaming experience, contact us today. 

Turn any space into an entertainment hub. Elevate your venue and redefine entertainment with our cutting-edge interactive darts.

What is Interactive Darts?

Leading the way in the evolution of darts, an interactive darts system features a board that utilises revolutionary technology to deliver a competitive and social concept with mass appeal. It allows groups of players to play in teams as they compete for glory in a wide range of darts-based games. 

Our cutting-edge system can manage the whole experience, from booking and scoring to customers calling for table service. It can also be fully customised to carry your venue’s branding. Be sure to check out our augmented reality darts.

Key Features and Functionalities

As a leading interactive darts installer and supplier, we are committed to revolutionising your entertainment spaces. Our expertise goes beyond just providing a game. We specialise in seamless installations that can transform ordinary venues into extraordinary social gaming experiences.

User experience

Our interactive darts systems are equipped with an authentic Unicorn board—the same standard as those used in professional events—and a touchscreen user interface. They also feature a wall-mounted screen which leads players through the games, displays their scores and prompts them when it’s their turn. 

The user-friendly touchscreen interface simplifies the whole experience. It enables players to effortlessly input their names, capture and incorporate selfies, select their teams, choose from an array of games, peruse food and drinks menus, and even request table service when required. 

Once the game commences, the wall-mounted screen identifies who should be playing and which segment to target. All players have to do is throw the darts! The system instantly detects where the dart has landed and this is animated on the screen using video game-style graphics.


Our interactive darts incorporates a range of games catering to all skill levels with three difficulty settings: easy, medium and hard. Most games are available at all three levels. 

Although some of the games are loosely based around a traditional game of darts, the majority are playful twists that involve using your throw to earn the highest score or be the first to reach zero. However, the most popular game is Killer, where skilled throwing is rewarded with the opportunity to defeat and destroy your opponents … nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get everyone’s blood pumping!

Why Choose Bowling Vision for Your Interactive Darts Equipment Installation

At Bowling Vision, we stand at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that your customers’ journey into the world of interactive darts is unmatched.

Expertise and pioneering solutions

As our team are experts in the field, we can offer not just an installation service but pioneering solutions that will seamlessly integrate technology into your space. With many years of experience, we lead the way in creating immersive environments that redefine leisure.

Tailored installations for every setting

As a trusted installer and supplier of equipment for interactive darts, we pride ourselves on providing tailored installations. If you run a bustling bar or a family-friendly restaurant, or even if you are a private homeowner, our systems can be crafted to enhance your environment and cater to your specific needs.

Cutting-edge technology

Our interactive darts installations go beyond traditional gaming, offering unparalleled engagement through cutting-edge features that captivate and delight players of all ages.

Reliability and quality assurance

When it comes to reliability, Bowling Vision is a name you can trust. Our dedication to quality assurance will help to ensure that your interactive darts equipment is not just an investment but a long-lasting source of enjoyment.

Exceptional customer support

our satisfaction is our main priority. Our customer service team will always be ready to provide assistance, from initial enquiries to post-installation support. We are here to ensure your interactive darts experience will exceed your expectations!

Transform Your Venue with an Interactive Darts System

Experience the next level of entertainment with Bowling Vision! Get in touch with us today to discuss how you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient installation service.