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Augmented Reality Darts

This latest development in casual darts technology is outstanding.  Building on the success of the interactive darts system the new Augmented Reality darts suite sits the board within the dynamic, projected graphics creating a more immersive experience.

The board and user interface can be fully customised with your venue’s branding – a must-have in the competitive social scene.

Immersive experience

AR darts utilises the same pioneering tracking technology and intuitive customer interface as offered as part of the interactive darts package. However, there are a number of significant differences between the interactive darts system and the augmented reality one:

Interactive darts system consists of a standard board which is linked to a separate wall mounted screen. The AR system has the board sitting in a cut out within a bespoke screen. The game graphics are projected onto the board and screen so you can see your target segment illuminated onto the board.

AR darts has sound, the volume of which can be adjusted to suite the venue. It’s 1.97m wide whereas interactive darts is just 1.64m wide.

Addictive games

There are a range of games which cater for all levels of skills with three difficulty ratings available: easy, medium and hard. Most games are available at all three levels.

Although some of the games are loosely based around a traditional game of darts the majority of them are playful twists which involve using your throw to build up the highest score or using your throw to be the first to zero. However, the most popular game is Killer – where skilled throwing is rewarded with the opportunity to defeat and destroy your opponents – nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get the blood pumping.