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Service Centre

Our workshop and training facility is located on the South East coast. Our teams roots date back to the 1960’s when the UK’s only pinsetter factory was located just a few miles from our current facility. Today we offer a range of specialist products and services developed to support all aspects of a bowling centres technical operation.

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Lane Machine Servicing

In order to give your customer the best possible experience – whether they’re playing in a competitive league,
or enjoying a game with their family – it’s essential to offer good, consistent lane conditions.

Our annual lane machine service gives a thorough check of adjustments and performance, and covers the replacement of any necessary wear parts, preserving your investment for many years to come.

Lane Care Consultation

We have many decades experience in the maintenance of all types of lane machine and environments. Using our extensive range of supplies and lane reading diagnostics we can optimise the performance of your lanes. This might mean providing world class professional conditions, or cutting costs without risking long term damage to your investment.

Electrical repairs

We offer a repair and exchange program for MP Chassis and a vast range of electrical assemblies for AMF 8270, 8290 pinspotters, along with many scoring system components of the same era.

We are able to offer an on site repair and training service to diagnose, and repair wiring issues.

Motor Repairs

We operate the only dedicated AMF motor repair workshop in the UK. Our team offers service exchange on GE, Franklyn and Westinghouse gearboxes and stators.