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Generations of Expert Technical Knowledge

At Bowling Vision we work hard to draw together companies with specific expertise to provide the very best in class services to our customers. That runs from only partnering with the very best manufacturers for our parts & supplies through to providing expert services through our collective of specialists who cover everything from technical services and training through to architectural design, project management and build.

Our technical division, known as the Bowling Vision Service Centre offers a range of technical services to support bowling centres across the country from their site in Hersden, Kent. Their extensive expertise enables them to specialise in lane care, repair services and technical training.

Services include:

  • Lane machine servicing & breakdown repairs
  • New & used lane machine supply, installation & upgrades
  • Westinghouse & Franklin motor repairs
  • AMF 8270 Chassis repair
  • Motor exchange programme

Training on offer covers:

  • Lane machine operator
  • Lane machine maintenance
  • Lane care
  • AMF electrical repair
  • AMF preventative maintenance


So where has this wealth of experience come from? …

From 1963 – 1979 the AMF pinspotter factory was based in Whitstable, Kent. The technical manager at AMF was Donald Munnings.

Donald’s sons, Stuart and Richard, grew up around bowling and with such a technically minded father, they absorbed much of their father’s know how. In 1984 Stuart and Richard launched the Embassy Services company.

Bowling Vision Service Centre

During this time Embassy Services worked closely with Bowling Vision. Partnering together on projects and calling on each other to support the independent centres they were working with. As friends and colleagues, it became the next natural evolution to draw Embassy Services to sit within Bowling Vision. So, on March 27th 2013 the team at Embassy became part of Bowling Vision, a partnership which has proved beneficial and successful.

Today as we see the shift in technology move towards string bowling equipment and augmented reality our service centre is continuing to evolve with new tools, equipment and skills. If there is a technical service within your bowling centre that you would like to outsource, please get in touch.

Need the help of the Bowling Vision Service Centre? Contact us:
Tel: 01227 719799

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