The art of bowling, perfected by ThroBot

ThroBot is the ball throwing machine developed by Brunswick Bowling as a research tool to test the behaviour of bowling balls and assist with evaluating surfaces and lane oils.

This Brunswick innovation is the most reliable, objective and precise method for testing balls. The ThroBot technology allows the tester to adjust a wide range of variables and ThroBot will repeatedly release the ball in exactly the same way time and time again. Capable of imitating the bowling action, release and delivery of both right and left-handed bowlers.

Variables include:

  • Ball rotation
  • Ball speed from 0 – 21 mph
  • Loft
  • Firing angle
  • Axis position
  • Axis tilt
  • Axis rotation
  • Release height from 0 – 2 ft
  • Release direction
  • RPM – rang from 0 – 900

ThroBot has enabled Brunswick to test and detect variations in coverstocks which has facilitated the development of better balls; ones which bowlers want and can rely on.

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