Melissa Lau singing karaoke at All Star Lanes

What happens in your party room at night?

Kids party rooms are a feature of many bowling centres. Now you can maximise the use of this space: party room by day, karaoke suite by night.

Many venues are diversifying their activities offer, adding in concepts such as smart darts, duckpin social and shuffleboard. However, karaoke is unique amongst these additional activities as it can be used to give an existing room a double use – giving you the opportunity to gain additional revenue from a space which might otherwise be empty. This increasing of yield from a space already used at different times of the day, without adding significant operational costs, is a fantastic way to boost your bottom-line profit.

Expanding your offering is also a great way to increase customer dwell time, which in turn increases F&B spend. Remember than when securing the booking, you should build in a break between the bowling and the other activity, providing the ideal slot for a drink and a snack.

So, whether you’re looking to make better use of your party room or just diversifying your offering the addition of a karaoke system is a great option.

There are multiple suppliers of karaoke systems but one which is already performing well within several bowling centres is Singa Karaoke. The Singa Karaoke system is a browser-based software so can be adapted to suit most room sizes and offers performers a library of over 80,000 songs. You’ll need hardware such as iPad, wireless microphones, digital microphone mixer and all necessary accessories (but Singa can help you out with these if needed).  Singa is a simple to use entertainment solution which is regularly updated, managed online and can easily be controlled by the guests via the in-room interface.

Karaoke room at All Star Lanes, White City
Karaoke room at All Star Lanes, White City

As a timed and bookable activity, Singa Karaoke is already sitting comfortably alongside bowling at a number of boutique venues. All Star Lanes have sites in Brick Lane and White City, now offering Singa Karaoke. All Star Lanes have created sumptuous karaoke rooms with modern décor ensuring guests have a truly Instagrammable experience.

Karaoke room in Bloomsbury Lanes
Karaoke room in Bloomsbury Lanes

Bloomsbury Bowling in London have transformed space into five private karaoke rooms, beautifully designed with retro banquette seating. You can hear about why Bloomsbury chose Singa Karaoke on their YouTube video.

Singa Karaoke have also been working with a number of pub venues.  The Blackburn Times have converted 1.5m x 2.5m into a karaoke booth. The Stourbridge Lion have upgraded their 10m x 5m party room with Singa Karaoke. Now, when the 40-seater private party room isn’t being used for a party, they host karaoke competitions for their night-time punters. Area Manager, Stuart Beale, spoke to Singa about why they chose to add Singa Karaoke to their venues, you can watch the short interview on YouTube.

The Singa Business Pro, which starts from £120 per month, is ideal for entertainment venues. The package includes the karaoke system, background music, display advertising and mobile song request feature. They do have some other package options.  For further details on these, contact the Singa sales team.

Bowling Vision customers can get their first month of Singa Business Pro free. To obtain this offer please contact Jack Trend:

If you’re looking to utilise an under-used space, want to increase footfall, improve dwell time and encourage repeat visits, then adding karaoke to your venue is a cost-effective solution.

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