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Interactive Batting Cage

Introducing Interactive Batting Cages: the baseball, cricket and tennis immersive experience which fits perfectly within a social setting. The purpose-built sports technology allows guests of all ages and abilities to enjoy the thrill of the game as part of their socialising making these batting cages an ideal activity for competitive socialising venues and FEC’s.

Expanding your activity offering

Venues which offer guests a range of activities attract longer dwell times and encourage repeat visits. Batting cages make an excellent activity for multi-activity centres, FECs, theme parks, shopping centres and holiday parks because of their attention grabbing scale, recognisable games and playability for both children and adults. By adding a new major attraction to your venue you create a newsworthy moment to publicise, and a new anchor to connect with your target audience.

The Batting Experience

Batting Cages allow guest to test their baseball, cricket or tennis batting skills. The required sport is selected using the customer interface and an appropriate skill level is set. Located within the custom batting cage is powerful, patented experience technology. LED target screens identify points available for successfully striking the ball into a scoring zone, allowing for quality gaming graphics and an immersive experience. The ball feeder fires a ball towards the batter for them to return towards the target screen.

The Proposition

The game/s you choose dictates the footprint required. The multi-sport/tennis options requiring the largest: Length 10.5m, Width 4.5m and height 2.7m. You can choose to purchase a single game option (baseball, cricket or tennis) or the multi-activity option.

The multi-sport animation package (included) allows competitors to face a cricket bowling, baseball pitcher or tennis server in HD quality. The crowd sounds and interactive cut-scenes add to the gamifying user experience and stadium atmosphere.

For venues with limited staffing the 300 ball feeder only requires refilling every 3-6 hours depending on occupancy. The 48 ball feeder occupies less space, however will require refilling ever 30 minutes.

Software Features

Your package comes with a suite of software technologies which enable easy running and management of the activity as well as increased customer engagement.

Reception Control allows the activity to be operated from a central location. Lane activation, sport selection and user registration are managed efficiently by your host. Usage reports enables your business to collect, store and segregate key data from every batting session, ideal for marketing, audits and informing management decisions.

Guests enter their personal details using the User Registration portal. The software collects information about the users’ gaming preferences, skill level and handedness; a level of personalisation which increases retention. Fun features include in-venue leaderboards, which enable guests to compete against each other. The Round Robin Gameplay mode allows groups to take turns in a batting competition, smartly adjusting to individual age and skill level.