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If it’s good for bowling…

Thanks for visiting our new look website and very first blog post!

Our tenpin bowling equipment supply & support business has developed a lot over the past few years, as have Brunswick’s bowling centre products.

The industry has changed

The adoption of string pinsetting machines has made bowling accessible to a new breed of operators. You can now set up and run bowling alleys with vastly reduced operating costs. The level of technical skills and knowledge required to run a modern centre is minimal when compared to just a few years ago.

For those of us who have grown up in the industry, this de-skill could be seen as a negative for the sport. At Bowling Vision we disagree. We truly believe that there are huge growth potentials for all of the different business models that exist in todays market… and that the seemingly opposing business models of Bowling First vs F&B First are not mutually exclusive.

We are uniquely positioned to support the whole of market. From launching emerging ‘Competitive Socialising’ experiential dining concepts, to supporting Family Entertainment Centre customers and more traditional league centres who combine all of our sport bowling technology.

Sync Prima Header

Brunswick became a tech company

Our direction changed when Brunswick launched Sync, their all in one centre management system. It’s a best in class scoring system with high definition graphics and robust hardware package. The fundamental difference to all other scoring systems on the market is that scoring is just one small part of what it can do. It was built in the social media age and seamlessly integrates data from every part of customer contact. Brunswick Cloud enables operators to schedule and automate marketing remotely, advertise throughout their venue and create communication campaigns to engage customers. This all filters through to a central EPoS and management system to simplify all of these complicated business processes in one central point.

Ace of Lanes Game

Bowling Vision Evolved

The big change for us has been transitioning from a company that predominantly supported managers and technicians to source the parts and supplies, to building a team of our own technicians to service string machines, and a support team who offer remote IT support 7 days per week.

Our team now includes people with experience in fine dining and menu development through to experienced multi site operators who can deliver operational consultancy services.

We deliver a broad range of training services to make sure that all of the business models and venues we love, can have access to the knowledge and experience needed to flourish.

All for bowling!

Our role is to build a link to the past with a vision for the future. There is an old saying at Brunswick “If it’s good for Bowling, it’s good for Brunswick” – This is the underlying theme that this blog will follow.

We’re going to provide useful and interesting information for both new and existing operators, using this medium as a platform to support the growth of our sector.

If anyone in our community would like any support or guidance… Or even if you would simply like to chew the fat and talk about what’s going on, don’t be a stranger!

Thanks for reading. Please follow our social media accounts and subscribe to our mailing list for more updates.

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