Competitive Socialising in Sync

Bowling lanes take pride of place in diverse entertainment environments, alongside activities such as: Curling, Cinema, Shuffleboard, Smart Darts, Golf Simulation, Beer Pong, Adventure Golf, Axe Throwing, Trampolining, Ice Skating, Laser Tag, Pool and all of the usual amusements.

Sync is unique in being able to both control and manage all activities, as well as providing a market leading F&B ePoS solution. The deep integration with our flexible online booking system provides a seamless customer journey which creates an outstanding experience. 

Duckpin Social

This small footprint take on a traditional game provides an unbelievable return on investment.

Developed by Brunswick, Duckpin Social has become a phenomenal success for high end hospitality venues. The addictive game play delivers an extremely entertaining activity.

Casual Darts

Using revolutionary technology, the SMARTS system instantly detects where darts have landed and animates the results with silky smooth, video game graphics.

Opening up the game to a whole new audience, this activity brings people in, and keeps them entertained.


The fastest growing pub game is extremely good for generating dwell time. We offer traditional and automatically scored tables in a vast array of sizes & styles.

American Pool

Brunswick built a legacy from building the best. If you look inside a Brunswick table, this becomes clear as you see innovation after innovation. Our range of traditional American Pool tables will help you drive dwell time & revenue.