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The Wool Market Doncaster Opens Exciting Leisure Zone Featuring Duckpin Social

Last weekend saw the launch of the innovative expansion to the offering at The Wool Market, in Doncaster.

Already a vibrant hub of food and entertainment, The Wool Market have taken their leisure offering to a whole new level. It’s not just that they’ve added in some fun games but they’ve installed the very latest, cutting edge, state-of-the-art, high-tech activities.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at The Wool Market to offer four beautiful lanes of highly competitive Duckpin Social bowling. Duckpin Social is the perfect game for a busy, bustling venue, like The Wool Market, where space is a premium and quality experience matters.

Duckpin Social lanes at Wool Market Doncaster
Duckpin Social lanes at The Wool Market Doncaster

Duckpin Social is a modern reinvention of the traditional game of ten pin bowling. With Duckpin, the lanes are shorter, the pins are stubbier and the balls (without holes) fit comfortable into the palm of your hand.  Three balls are bowled per frame, increasing the tension and levelling the playing field. Seasoned ten pin bowlers often find Duckpin is, quite literally, a completely different ball game and their finely tuned form is of no benefit to them.

The Wool Market have also brought in shuffleboards and Augmented Reality Darts, creating an outstanding leisure zone. Later in the year they will also be adding retro arcade games including a dance machine.

Family playing shuffleboard at Wool Market Doncaster
Family playing shuffleboard at The Wool Market, Doncaster. Image: @DoncasterWoolMarket

Alongside the new multi-player games experiences The Wool Market offers guests a superb array of shops and eateries.

Independent street food traders include Hungry Dragon, Indian Food Hawker, Taste Peru, Rustic Burger Co, Rustic Pizza Co, Zaytuna and Afters Desserts.

The site also houses a “main stage” which showcases a range of local and international talent, as well as hosting an Open Mic Night.

Add Activities To Your Venue

Activities such as Duckpin Social, shuffleboards, interactive or Augmented Reality Darts, are brilliant at driving footfall and increasing dwell time in your venue. Should you wish to explore what can be done with your space get in touch with us. We can help you design the right package of activities for you. Get in touch >

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