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Private Bowling Lanes In Home of Rock Star, Jack White

There’s something particularly breath-taking about seeing the culmination of a union between architects, interior designers and bowling specialists to deliver a stunning, quality installation. So, we were giddy (and a bit jealous) when we saw the games room with bowling lanes installed in Jack White’s Nashville home.

Jack White, of legendary rock band The White Stripes, is a man of many talents. Alongside his musicianship White is a successful, interior designer, sculptor and upholsterer.  One of the projects White has worked on is the design of his own stunning bowling lounge situated in an outbuilding of his home.

The design of the lounge is art deco with a predominance of black accented by orange tones and white.  This aesthetic carries throughout the venue from the train car styled bar area, over the bar stalls and all the way down to the pins.

The lounge boasts two full length bowling lanes as well as one lane of Candlepin. The luxurious bowling lanes have a traditional glossy wood finish with black gutters, whilst the Candlepin lane (a challenging bowling variant almost exclusively played in New England) is set apart by its high-shine black finish.

Jack White's Three Pin Alley Bar

Running the length of the lanes is a three-high bowling ball unit which displays a stunning array of unique and bespoke balls.  As well as balls specifically for use by White you’ll find balls allocated to White’s friends and inspirations. These personal balls are name tagged and finely decorated. Amongst them you’ll find a ball for Bob Dylan which is adorned by a portrait of John Wayne.

The bowling lanes are mirrored by identical lanes which run across the ceiling above the useable lanes. Furthermore, the ceiling design, above the bar, utilises gutters from retired bowling centres.

The creativity of the design of this room extends beyond the opulent and sophisticated look of the space. White has installed audio sensors at the business end of the lane to detect loud strikes. When the sensors are triggered microphones on the lanes echo the sound of the strike through the sound system, overriding the music and amplifying the euphoria of success.

There are many examples of remarkable private bowling lanes and this design by Jack White is certainly an inspiring one.

Find out more about Jack White’s professional services via is company Jack White Art & Design.

All images: @officialjackwhitelive / Jack White Art & Design

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