Is your bowling experience immersive?

Bowling is a classic game that’s universally understood and loved. Ten pins and ten frames became the standard game in 1895. It was established by the American Bowling Congress with the help of Moses Bensinger the President of Brunswick-Balke-Collender. Brunswick have led in every phase of the game’s evolution and their latest technology development; Spark has created a movement that’s challenging the traditional game that they helped to shape.

Spark creates new immersive game formats that create addictive gameplay with augmented reality projection. Lighting up the lane surface with interactive animations that create endless possibilities.

What is Spark augmented reality bowling?

Spark utilises projection mapping technology to track the ball and project interactive animations in real time across the full width of the lane. The immersive environment creates a mesmerising effect for players and provides new and exciting game formats to level the playing field and entertain bowlers of all abilities. Angry Bird Bowling is a particular crowd pleaser as it brings the addictive mobile app to the lanes.

What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is the process of using image projectors to transform the area it illuminates with imagery and animations. The technique dates back to the 1960’s and has been used by Disney, George Harrison and a whole host of artists and theatrical producers before becoming more widely available in the 2000’s. Today there are a whole host of projection mapping products available for family entertainment centres such as interactive walls and floors that create a unique experience for visitors by using motion detectors to trigger real time dynamic animations. There are a number of standalone projection systems available for bowling lanes, but none of them come close to creating the immersive environment of Spark because it seamlessly connects the game to the lane.

Who is the ideal consumer for Spark?

The beauty of bowling is its cross generational appeal, this product is no different. It will excite and create a unique environment for anyone from toddlers to the elderly. It also creates a sensory environment that’s fun for players with disabilities and special needs.

Which type of venue is suited for Spark?

Spark is most effective for venues who want to differentiate their bowling activity from more traditional centres. Suitable for both family entertainment centres and competitive socialising venues, Spark creates maximum impact in venues with low lighting and high ceilings.

See spark in action

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