The Spark bowling lanes at Gravity Max in Liverpool

Exploring the Thrills of Competitive Socialising and Immersive Gaming at Gravity Max

Bowling vision have been working with Gravity Max since the development of their pioneering “department store of fun” in Wandsworth. The Gravity Max vision has seen unused department stores in UK city centres transformed into mega competitive socialising venues. 

Gravity Max – The Experience

Guests laughing whilst riding the multi-level e-karts at Gravity Max
E-karting at Gravity Max, Liverpool

Guests to a Gravity Max are transported to a gaming wonderland offering a vast array of experiences; from adrenaline pumping multi-level e-karting, to a vast arcade and activities on the cutting-edge of activity technology, including Spark interactive bowling, AR darts and Hologate virtual reality gaming. 

Most of the Gravity Max sites host at least nine different gaming activities, many of which offer guests the opportunity to engage in competitive socialising; joyful, competitive gaming experiences complimented by excellent food & beverages. 

There is a strong emphasis on immersive experiences which incorporate powerful technologies and create visual appeal for guests’ social media presence; making Brunswick Spark Interactive Bowling lanes the perfect cornerstone activity.  

Spark offers the very best in interactive bowling technology with a unique & proprietary interactive gaming experiences. The bespoke masking units and beautifully crafted equipment enable the bowling lanes to enhance the overall aesthetic of the venue. 

Due to the relentless usage of the bowling lanes at Gravity Max it is important to have durable and reliable equipment. The development of the Boost ST pinsetters allowed us to install equipment which leads the way in durability, reliability, minimal tangle stops, ease of maintenance and future proofing. Furthermore, our UK based service support team provide the onsite team with excellent training, equipping them to easily respond to minor technical issues.  

Gravity Max has proved to be successful in having broad appeal across the full gambit of target audiences; from families to work socials, dates and a night out with mates. 

Gravity Max – Excelling in F&B

Cocktails at Newtons Bar, Gravity Max Wandsworth
Cocktails served at Newtons Cocktail Bar, Gravity Max, Wandsworth

Part of the Gravity Max experience is the partnership between a diverse range of activities and a quality food and drink offering. A willingness to experiment with different food vendors and host a variety of options has enabled Gravity Max to evolve their F&B offering and ensure its appeal and success. 

The breadth of choice and reliability of the vendors has led to increased dwell time as guests choose to stay in-venue to eat and drink rather than venture out to local bars or restaurants. 

Furthermore, Gravity offers a range of spaces which appeal to different audiences, such as the Newtons Cocktail Bar on the top floor of their Wandsworth site. This high-end New York loft bar attracts guests late into the evening, broadening the venues appeal and creating an additional peak in their trading. 

Gravity Max – The Global Market

Hologate Blitz at Gravity Max, Mauritius

The first Gravity Max launched in Wandsworth in London. The proof-of-concept venue saw the brand move into a 100,000 square foot site within the Southside Shopping Centre. Formerly a Debenhams, the four-floor ground-breaking location, offering eight interactive gaming experiences was an entertainment and leisure venue like no other. 

With a vision to open venues in strategically influential locations Gravity Max have gone on to open sites in Xscape Yorkshire Castleford, Liverpool ONE, Tribeca Mall Mauritius and very soon in Westfield Shopping City, Stratford. 

Whilst all the Gravity Max sites maintain the same neo-Toyko urban playground aesthetic each individual site possess a unique persona. Each venue celebrates the history and culture of the city in which it is located, reflected through the artwork and artistic features of the gaming, predominantly the mini-golf courses. However, the F&B at the Mauritius site is strongly influenced by local cuisine. Furthermore, the proximity to India resulted in a large catalogue of Bollywood content being included in the karaoke catalogue. 

It’s the combination of the impressively large venue, the broad range of immersive experiences, the quality of the F&B offering and the affection for the location which gives Gravity its global appeal. 

A man bowling on Spark Bowling lanes at Gravity Max in Wandsworth
Spark bowling lanes at Gravity Max, Wandsworth

There’s no doubt that the innovative and bold approach of Gravity Max has proved to be very successful. We have been delighted to be part of the adventure and look forward to many more in the coming years. 

Header image: Spark bowling lanes at Gravity Max, Liverpool One

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