Alex Hamilton with Jordan Vanover and Jack Trend at IAAPA in Vienna

Bowling Vision invest in developing the sport of bowling with a new team member!

We are delighted to welcome Alex Hamilton to Team Bowling Vision. Alex has been involved in bowling since he was seven years old. As a well-known figure in the bowling world, we are thrilled to have Alex join us to lead our mission to see growth and sustainability in the pro-shop industry.

Bowling Vision is dedicated to support the profitability for all Tenpin Bowling businesses. As part of Alex’s role he will not just be servicing the current market, he will be leading our efforts to grow it. This will involve offering training to bowling centre staff about understanding the game, teaching team members how to hook a ball and setting up fun leagues to build a community of engaged enthusiasts in their business. We also want to support pro shops to develop their role in the centres by helping operators to build off peak play, and fill the technical void on the lanes that has been created by the growth of string bowling and reduction of technical staff.

We believe in the sport of bowling and are committed to helping the industry to build on the popularity of soaring recreational participation by encouraging ball ownership, regular practice and competitive play. We can demonstrate the additional revenue opportunities for bowling centres by engaging with the sport, and would like to encourage operators to get involved and support development of the next generation of world class British bowlers from members of their local communities. 

Alex meeting Jordan Vanover, Director of International Consumer and Aftermarket for Brunswick Bowling, at IAAPA in Vienna this week
Alex meeting Jordan Vanover, Director of International Consumer and Aftermarket for Brunswick Bowling, at IAAPA in Vienna this week

Alex has been fully immersed in the world of competitive bowling throughout his career having been operating Power Play Pro Shop in Nuneaton for 22 years. During this time Alex has managed multiple pro shops, training others in pro shop services and supporting league and tournament bowlers.

For three years Alex was Team England manager and coach, enjoying success with numerous bowlers including Dom Barrett, Lisa John and Adam Cairns. Together Alex and the team won many medals, showcasing the power of English bowling on the international stage. Not only has Alex been involved in the highest levels of British bowling he has been supporting the sport at grassroots levels, having been the Area Secretary for Warwickshire BTBA for five years.

As well as extensive experience in the world of competitive bowling, Alex spent six years managing a bowling centre. This gave him experience of developing teams, delivering outstanding experiences front of house and building a good technical knowledge of the back of house. With his experience, and the support and collaboration from our pro shop and bowling centre customers, we are incredibly excited about what we can achieve together.

If you would like to get involved or would like any information about bowling products, setting up leagues in your centre, or anything else mentioned above, we would love to hear from you! Contact Alex on:

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