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Center Parcs Strikes Partnership with Bowling Vision: Elevating Leisure Experience

At the heart of Center Parcs’ vision lies a passion to provide families with unforgettable leisure experiences. Center Parcs is not just about offering comfortable accommodation for a short break; it’s about creating lasting memories through sharing time together doing fun activities. Recognising the pivotal role leisure plays in their unique selling proposition, Center Parcs embarked on a journey to enhance their offering, and their partnership with Bowling Vision marks a significant step in this direction.

With a strategic vision to invest in their leisure facilities, in response to customer feedback, Center Parcs has prioritised maintaining traditional activities while also embracing innovation to bring new, exciting experiences to their guests. Leisure, after all, is the cornerstone of Center Parcs’ ethos – fostering togetherness amidst the embrace of nature.

Bowling - managing high-demand

Artwork at Center Parcs Whinfell

Bowling is always one of the top three pre-booked activities at Center Parcs. Its broad appeal transcends age barriers and brings families together. It’s this sense of unity and shared enjoyment that Center Parcs aims to amplify through every aspect of their leisure offerings.

However, as with any high-demand destination, maintaining quality amid heavy foot traffic poses its challenges. With exceedingly high occupancy all year-round and thousands of guests every week, the strain on leisure facilities, particularly bowling lanes, was evident. The wear and tear were having a significant impact on equipment reliability and the quality of the guest experience. Center Parcs needed a solution that not only addressed the immediate equipment needs but also ensured minimal disruption to the guests and a financially feasible long-term maintenance solution.

Through the tendering process it became clear that Bowling Vision, with our prioritising of relationship, innovation, training, support and a long tradition in the bowling industry, were the ideal partner. The goal of the project was not merely about installing bowling lanes; it was about elevating the entire leisure experience through the blending of cutting-edge technology with time-honoured quality standards whilst implementing an ongoing strategy for maintenance and support.

Refurbishing Whinfell Forest

Newly installed bowling equipment and Brunswick lane machine for ongoing maintenance

At the forefront of this partnership was the refurbishment of the Whinfell Forest bowling lanes, the site most in need of investment. We removed all the original equipment and replaced them 12 gorgeous Anvilane ColorFull Silver Crown lanes. Sync Scoring was installed and easy-to-maintain Boost ST pinsetters. 

Following Center Parcs’ desire to maximise the opportunities to innovate and exceed expectations the Whinfell Forest installation has been future proofed to allow for technologically advanced features to be added at a later date.

Every detail was scrutinized to ensure a fresh, inviting ambiance, from reupholstering seating and revamping flooring to new balls, shoes and pins. However, the focus wasn’t solely on the equipment; Bowling Vision also provided comprehensive staff training on maintenance, empowering Center Parcs to uphold the newly refurbished standards independently.

The timing couldn’t have been more opportune, with the modernisation completed ahead of the Easter holidays. Amidst the seamless transition, both staff and guests witnessed a remarkable transformation. The improvements were not just cosmetic; there were tangible enhancements to the bowling experience. Center Parcs has an impressive high return rate, so the school holidays proved the ideal opportunity to assess the impact of the works – would the guests notice the changes? Thankfully the feedback proved that the significant improvements were noticed and celebrated by guests; resonating with Center Parcs’ commitment to exceeding expectations.

Ongoing partnership

Busy bowling lanes at Center Parcs Whinfell

The collaboration doesn’t end with Whinfell Forest. Center Parcs and Bowling Vision are committed to working together to improve leisure facilities across all Center Parcs villages. As part of the long-term strategy, Bowling Vision conducted a comprehensive asset review of the bowling offering across the Center Parcs suite. This work has enabled us to provide Center Parcs with an informed roadmap on which to base their five-year journey of reinvigoration.

Next up will be Longleat Forest. This exciting project will see the leisure village relocate to a different site within Longleat Forest. Due to open in September 2024 the immersive new space will include eight lanes of Brunswick bowling lanes. This move reflects Center Parcs’ forward-thinking approach, continually seeking to optimize guest experiences.

The partnership between Center Parcs and Bowling Vision transcends mere refurbishments; it embodies a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of leisure at Center Parcs, one bowling lane at a time, ensuring that families continue to create cherished memories for years to come.

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