Duckpin Social – bowling but shorter, smaller and seriously fun

The average footprint of a pair of standard bowling lanes is 345 sq m, whereas the footprint of a pair of Duckpin Social lanes is only 128 sq m!

Duckpin Social is the ideal activity for bars, pubs, restaurants, halls of residence, hotels or multiactivity venues who are looking for an exciting new attraction. Experiential leisure concepts like Duckpin Social have been proven to increase footfall, dwell time and repeat visits.

Earlier this year Bowling Vision installed Duckpin Social at Gravity in Northampton – the first lanes of Duckpin Social to be available outside of North America.

What is Duckpin Social?

Think traditional ten pin bowling but much smaller. The lanes are around the third of the length of a standard lane, whilst maintaining traditional bowling lane width. The pins are shorter and stubbier and the balls are smaller and without holes – so no worries about breaking a fingernail.

Brunswick Bowling have been manufacturing Duckpin for over 100 years however they recently developed Duckpin Social as a modern, more versatile transformation of the traditional game. Duckpin has been popular throughout Canada and the North-eastern United States for more than a century.

Each game consists of 10 frames. Each player is permitted up to three rolls per frame. As with all bowling the scoring is complex, so, thankfully, our scoring system takes care of that for your guests.

Why choose Duckpin Social?

  • Space – the smaller footprint maximises revenue per square foot and provides a great option for venues where space is at a premium
  • Low running costs – minimal lane and pinsetter maintenance required. No rental shoes are needed.
  • Good returns – drives food and beverage sales, keeps guests at your venue for longer, encourages repeat visits and builds guest loyalty.
  • Accessible – the multigenerational appeal of bowling is amplified by Duckpin Social. The smaller balls make it even easier for children and those with limited mobility to take park.
  • Fun – It just is. This fast-paced little game, is really easy and enormous fun.


Let us explore how to make Duckpin Social work for you:

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