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The Boiler House, Clitheroe, Embracing The Joy of Competitive Socialising

The Boiler House sits at the heart of the Holmes Mill complex in Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Holmes Mill was formerly a textile mill and retains much of the traditional charm of the 1823, Grade II listed building, with its exposed beams, period features and natural textured walls. However, it is now a bustling destination venue following considerable efforts to modernise and rejuvenate the gorgeous buildings.

The Boiler House features the Bowland Beer Hall, the Bowland Brewery’s flagship tasting parlour, featuring 42 hand pups and hosting at least 24 cask beers at any one time.  The industrial vibe of the venue is enhanced by the Bavarian Beer hall style long communal tables. Alternatively, guests can retreat to one of the cosy side rooms; The Chimney Room or the Engine Room. 

Holmes Mill Bowland Beer Hall

The Boiler House will soon also be home to some of the best social activities currently available. We are in the process of installing four lanes of brilliantly fun Duckpin Social bowling. Duckpin Social is a condensed version of traditional ten pin bowling, however the pins are stubbier, the lanes are shorter and the balls are smaller and without holes. Duckpin retains the thrill and distinctive sound of traditional bowling but maximises the drama. This version of the game is face-paced, competitive and really quite addictive.

Alongside Duckpin we are also providing two lanes of incredible Augmented Reality Darts. This is tech-infused, group gaming, where the dart board sits immersed in a large screen which displays quality game-play graphics. Guests choose from a range of darts-based games and compete in teams – for pride, glory and the next round.

Also available at Holmes Mill

Holmes Mill boasts the Bowland food hall, home to innovative producers, showcasing the finest food and drink from across the Lancashire region.

The 1823 Spinning Block Hotel offers 39 individually designed rooms, stylishly decorated and offering guests a luxury experience with an exceptional view.

Holmes Mill Spinning Block Hotel

Located within The Boiler House is the spectacular function room. An incredible location for any event however it’s particularly special for weddings. Holding up to 150 guests the natural romance and elegance of the function room makes for a venue steeped in atmosphere.

Holmes Mill Function Room

The Bistro, Bar and Grill serves up modern British bistro dishes within the incredible surrounds of the Spinning Block. With an emphasis on using the finest, locally sourced ingredients this restaurant is the ideal setting for a leisurely lunch or a celebration dinner.

The Weaving Shed is also home to Everyman Cinema. This four-screen cinema shows the latest releases as well as exclusive screenings, viewed from their luxury seating.

Holmes Mill Cinema

Competitive Socialising / Social Activities

Should you wish to discuss the benefits of adding social activities, like Duckpin Social, Interactive Darts, Augmented Reality Darts or Interactive Shuffleboard, to your venue, get in touch.

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