Durable, Whiter and Brighter – The New Winsome Super Leaf Pin

Are you pleased with the performance of your pins?

Most bowling centres who use traditional pins have the same complaints: the plastic on the scalp wears and falls off, the necks break, and the belly creates a hollow area which cracks the cover and wood.

Several years ago, to address some of these issues, we introduced the Winsome Maple Leaf.  The injection moulded cover and the UV additive created a stronger, more durable pin, making it the best value pin on the market. However, the nylon coating marked easily and quickly ended up looking worn.


The Winsome Super Leaf pin



Our new ‘Winsome Super Leaf’ pins deal with all previous problems. They have the durability of the Winsome Maple Leaf but the new Surlyn cover means that they stay bright white for much longer. 

Surlyn is the super plastic that was developed to increase durability and maintain the appearance of golf balls.

So, now you can have it all. Durability and good looks for longer.

Super Leaf Challenge

We want to give you the opportunity to take the Super Leaf Challenge. We will give you one of our brand new Winsome Super Leaf pins, for FREE!

Try it out and see how it fares against your existing pins. This means you can try before you buy and decide whether it’s as good as we say it is.

You can request your free pin with your next order from

Launch Offer - June Orders Only

We are doing a very special offer for orders for our brand new Winsome Super Leaf pins, placed during June 2022 …

Buy four boxes, get one free!

£129.95 – box of 10 non-drilled Winsome Super Leaf pins – order code: 63-861222-300
£159.95 – box of 10 drilled Winsome Super Leaf pins – order code: 63-861222-456

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