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Have you tried Duckpin Social yet?

Duckpin bowling is the latest trend to spread across the UK’s competitive socialising scene, and Brunswick invented it!

Duckpin Social is the ideal activity for bars, pubs, restaurants, halls of residence, hotels or multiactivity venues who are looking for a striking new attraction.

What is Duckpin Social?

Think traditional ten pin bowling but much smaller. The lanes are around the third of the length of a standard lane, whilst maintaining traditional bowling lane width. The pins are shorter and stubbier and the balls are smaller and without holes.

Each game consists of 10 frames. Each player is permitted up to three rolls per frame. As with all bowling the scoring is complex, so, thankfully, our scoring system takes care of that for your guests.

Borrowed Bucks - Fargo, ND for Brunswick Bowling.
Clitheroe duckpin

Brunswick Bowling have been manufacturing Duckpin for over 100 years however they recently developed Duckpin Social as a modern, more versatile, short lane transformation of the traditional game.

So far Bowling Vision have installed Duckpin in to a host of different environments: Gravity Social Northampton, LLwyngwair Manor Hotel Pembrokeshire, Strike Boutique Bowling Alley Wandsworth, Doncaster Wool Market, The Boiler House at Holmes Mill Clitheroe, The Stage Apartment complex Shoreditch and more opening soon.

Try it for yourself

Brunswick will be installing a demonstration lane into their booth at IAAPA Expo Europe, in London this month. You should come and have a go!

The IAAPA exhibition and conference is a coming together of the leisure industry to celebrate innovations and share insights. The Expo is aimed at industry professionals who work across the industry from theme parks, FECs, water parks and cruise lines to hotels, shopping centres, zoos and tourist attractions.

If you plan on attending IAAPA let us know, it would be great to catch up.

Discover more about Duckpin Social on our website or contact us to arrange a consultation or site visit. Our experienced team can support you all the way through from initial idea:

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