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How to create an experience that will entice customers to return

On average, each person goes bowling 1.6 times a year – that’s not very often. Customers can be put off by the boring surroundings, the uncomfortable balls, the poor food and the disinterested staff.

So, what can we do to create a more enticing experience which will have the local community coming back time and again?

You’re going to need to invest.

  • Invest in your team – quality training, measured incentives and generally creating an interest in bowling
  • Invest in your equipment – regular servicing will reduce down time
  • Invest in your F&B – a quality food and drink offering attracts high-spending parties, increases dwell time and encourages return visitors
  • Invest in your experience – create a centre with the wow factor

Creating an experience

Funky Lanes

We have a wide range of lane options that will capture the vibe of your centre.

Spark Augmented Reality Lanes – the industry’s first immersive and interactive lanes, which surround the bowler in mesmerising graphics which respond to the roll of the ball. The lane projections are determined by the game being played – they can even project pictures of the bowlers themselves.

Colorfull Lanes – there is a Colourfull Lane for most colours in the spectrum. These lanes create a sophisticated base on which to build an enveloping bowling experience. There are 11 standard colours, from Black Witchcraft, Ice White to Singing The Chicago Blues and Oiled Cherry, but the custom colour option allows you to select a specific colour to work with your scheme

Ultimate Lanes – these allow you to create a distinctive theme with a strong brand identity for your centre. Lanes feature your own colourful designs to enjoy during the day but emit an ultra-cool glow effect under black light.

Transform Lanes – if your want your centre to cater for casual bowlers as well as serious league and tournament players then Transform Lanes are the idea choice. Under natural light the lanes look and function as natural wood lanes. But under black light the lanes transform to create your desired, extraordinary experience. There are currently two standard choices, Flame and Ocean.

Transform lanes

Masking Units

There is an endless array of masking units available to capture the unique story of your centre. Whether you’re after something retro, urban, rustic, intergalactic or sophisticated – you’ll find an incredible mask perfect you. Changing your masking panels is one the least expensive ways of transforming the look of your centre.


Furniture Brunswick

You can either have minimal furniture which blends into the background allowing your breath-taking lanes and masking units to really shine. Or your furniture can create a statement about the quality of the experience you expect your customers to enjoy.

We can help you tailor the perfect seating arrangements with our broad range of configurations, fabrics, finishings and tables.

Minor upgrades

Bowling Ball

If you’re not in the position to make large scale investments but want to look at improving your customer experience then smaller changes can be very noticeable and very much appreciated. Upgrading your house balls, ramps or pins can change the vibe of your centre or help differentiate your VIP area from your main lanes.

Ready to invest in the future of your business? Get in touch to discuss the changes which could help your centre flourish.

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