AMF 8270/8290 Motor Reboot

Motors are not intended to be unused for long periods.  With this in mind we would like to share a few things with you to check/look out for when putting your motors back into use.

The oil may have settled or thickened while standing idle.   Check oil level & condition (replace if necessary).  Gearbox oil : ESM-OIL-1 (5ltr or 20ltr drums available).

Oil levels on most common motors:

The seals may have dried out or hardened so check for leaks before use and after first few days of operation.

Most common seals to fail are Franklin Back End input seals.

Seal : ESM785503074      Or    ESM785503074N/S  (non standard)

Check the breather plug  (90’s often rust closed)

OPE bearings (external bearings) can dry. Grease them or replace if worn.

OPE BEARING : ESM701020091  Westinghouse Back End

OPE BEARING : ESM701021010  Westinghouse Combi

Check Cent Mech and Contact Card – clean & adjust as necessary.

Cent Mech for Combi :  ESM785501531

Contact Card for Combi :  ESM785501386

Aux Card : ESM785501372

Back End Contact Card : ESM785501562

REMEMBER : Always carry out visual checks first for leaks & dry bearings, then run motor and re-check for leaks.  Check for leaks again the next day & week.

NOTE: A missed leak or low oil can result in costly damaged gears.

We supply all common bearings/seals/oil & most spare motor parts for Westinghouse & Franklin motors.  Please contact us for prices and offers.

We hope this information has been useful, for more detailed help or to order parts feel free to contact the Bowling Vision Service Centre.

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