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2020 Review 3 of 3 – Roll on 2021

Aside from our shoe sanitiser spray, the other area which was busy for us was the development of online reservation systems. We’re fortunate to have a fantastically flexible system which is bespoked for each deployment and forms an extremely flexible and robust resource management system. We were happy to get many operators online.

One thing which is patently evident from the pandemic is that the next chapter of the industry will be tech driven. Brunswick have been leading the conversation on integrated CRM & full centre management / EPoS systems for many years.

Their latest release Sync Prima incorporates on lane F&B ordering and has an optional web-based order and pay system so that customers can order food through their mobile – we don’t see this trend going away any time soon. It’s great to have access to the most advanced bowling products on the market, and to see our small industry keep up with the broader hospitality tech space.

Supporting our people

There’s no doubt that the people who get the most benefit from our full product offering are independent bowling centre operators. When a business commits to choosing Brunswick products, we see that as a lifetime partnership – and take a lot of pride in how we respond to that responsibility.

Our team were even out in the field to repair a failed legacy scoring system which was originally an unauthorised used equipment installation and wasn’t configured correctly. But if it has a crown on it – it’s still our baby!  We can’t always help, but we do what we can.

We were able to help our support agreement clients too. Their agreements were put on hold and we provided an additional free of charge pre-opening service visit to help make sure that they would be safe and ready for customers. We also provided free remote support to help them to implement the now infamous Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Cutting costs for our customers

We felt the pressures of having a multi-site operation. Our support team closed their London office to work remotely, and we received council support for both our Head Office & Service Centre. But we knew that our modest square footage and industrial estate locations were nothing compared to the challenges our customers were facing.

Once the centres were trading, we set about identifying some of our critical high usage products, negotiated with our manufacturers and pro-actively contacted sites to help them to cut costs. The science behind Brunswick’s range of cleaners and conditioners has a huge influence on the customer experience of sport bowlers – but as organised play was on hold, we helped people move to the most cost-effective options. Let us know if you would like us to send you details on our best value products.

Lockdown 2 – Sponsored by Gin & Tonic

With a year tarnished by national tragedy, economic uncertainty, fear, stress and constantly being dragged away from building a business to administrate new policies and processes in the ever-changing landscape of covid business support –the last lockdown of the year was a time to re-group, reset and enjoy time with the few family members that we were able to see over the Christmas period.

Time to launch our new bowling equipment supply website and take a fresh approach for 2021.

The staff and business are healthy which is the most important thing – those businesses who can hold tight and preserve their cash until re-opening will face the world with a new found resilience – and our sector looks to experience unprecedented growth as leisure fills the void left by the failing retail sector.

For those of you who’s businesses face more immediate uncertain times – our thoughts are with you. If there is anything that we can do to support, please do let us know. We have become fairly well versed in supporting operators to secure funding in uncertain situations. We can provide management consultancy and support you to prepare the documents and structure needed to become more investable.

This blog is titled Roll on 2021 as it was a phrase commonly used by us through 2020. At time of writing, it’s clear that Roll on 2022 may be more appropriate! Hang in there – we can’t wait to get working with you again soon.

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